Monday morning quarterback says – “Who controls TeslaSolar’s data? That’s what really matters!” 

I wrote this yesterday. And as I wrote yesterday, and reflected on today, I started to realize the greatest reason Musk needs to own an inverter is because of the data network – not the few hundred million a year. This is the nature of a distributed power company. I’d guess Tesla/SolarCity have had very specific conversations on this topic with any vendors they use – lawyers write mean paragraphs regarding data rights.

As TeslaSolar keeps growing, they’re going to find more ways to sell their energy and related services. Having immediate access to distributed batfery storage via auto, home, commercial and Utility installations, plus solar generation to sell into active energy markets is worth a lot of money.


The reality is that your solar system will work for 50 years

Something I wrote elsewhere – the gist of the story is that SolarCity sees that their solar panels last 35 years before they hit the 80% of original output mark that most consider the “useful lifetime.” This is significant because the current standard for this useful lifetime is 25 years – adding 10 mores years is a 40% increase in expected output. One of the constant challenges when considering whether to install solar is what the cost of the electricity is – we all know gas, oil and coal are cheap. But what about solar power? Well – we can now low the price per kWh by about 35%.

Massachusetts solar cap hit first day – $671M in projects moving forward, 11 MW stalled


The State of Massachusetts recently signed legislation to expand the amount of solar power allowable in the state – and ran out on the first day. This legislation was signed after one area of Massachusetts was unable to install $617 million in solar projects since July of 2015 due to hitting the “net-metering” cap. The legislation doubled the amount of space that was available. On May 11th, the first day that Massachusetts updated its website to reflect this newly available solar installation volume, it was shown that the solar power cap was hit by previously reserved projects.

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